Do pop ads work ? (Advertisers)

Yes it works! Only thing to know that most of pop traffic come from entertainment websites like 'free downloads'. So I would suggest try to promote entertainment related products like gambling, adult subscriptions, games install, VPNs subscriptions  etc.
Another way is to create your own free downloads genre website and advertise it on different pop ad networks with publisher ad code added on your website. This way you earn through CPM.
Normally no pop ad network allow direct affiliate link promotion so, you must build a website.
Some best examples of free content download websites using pop ads are, etc. These websites chose aggressive methods for monetization, means they add anti-adblock codes and multiple pops (more than 3) per click.
Please be aware that spamming pop monetization method may affect your SERP ranking !

I hope this little article satisfied your question. Your comments and share appreciated.

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