Are pop ads google friendly ? (Publishers)

Personally on my own experience I don't think use of popups or popunders is harmful for SEO if used decently . As Google's main objective is to provide value to its users and not spam. Multiple pops can frustrate users so, it MAY affect your rankings in SERPs.

Points I think very important to consider when adding pop ads on your website / blog :
  • Never allow ad injecting.
  • Don't allow ads with auto play sounds or videos.
  • Allow maximum of 3 pops and it would be best if you use popunders than popups. Popunder frustrate less than popup as it opens link in background.
  • Anti-ad block code is considered against google's principles but it's ok to use it, cause in my experience I didn't get any problem with SEO of my other website (for now atleast & don't think will) with it.
  • Don't allow adult ads on your website unless your niche is adult too.
So the baseline is 'never spam'.
It depends on your preferences. If you prefer organic traffic from SERPs, follow their guidelines and if you prefer pop traffic from other pop ad networks which converts best for you, then you can ignore all points given above. 


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